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Weis Words is an ISO 17100 certified translation services company, specializing in legal, medical/pharmaceutical, financial and similar documents. Documents are translated by translators specializing in the relevant field. Certified, notary, and sworn translations available for several jurisdictions.



Professionally – my English speaking clients have praised the translations, saying that they feel like they were originally written in native English ("legalese"). I find that the price offers I receive from Weis Words are competitive and fair (and I go back and compare every now and then) – which is beneficial for my clients – and are worth the quality of work my clients and I receive. Orders come back on time, and "regularly" even a little ahead of schedule, which is appreciated when working with stressful deadlines. What I personally like about working with Weis Words is that I can feel like I'm working with a colleague: whatever request or question I have is responded to with excellent timing, all matters are transparent to me, and communication is always kind and efficient. For those reasons and more, Weis Words is my "go to" when I need to get something translated.

Director of Finance

The translations I got from Weis Words were always very professional and on time with very good service level. I highly recommend it.


I have used Weis Words for important, and in some cases obscure, translation projects and have always been very satisfied with the quality, accuracy and professionalism of their translators.

One matter that stands out in my mind involved a contract written in rabbinic Hebrew — a very specialized project. Weis Words was able to get the right translator on the project to get it done accurately and quickly.

I highly recommend Weis Words.


Very responsive, high level translation. Not the cheapest service, but not the most expensive either. They use a principal translator and reviewing translator in all projects, so I believe it justifies the added cost. In the end of the day, you get what you pay for. We are happy to recommend them and use them again for additional translation projects.


Our company has been using Weis Words for the past few years. Their service is always personal, professional, courteous and timely. When they set a delivery timetable they meet it. Even when we have needed things with unreasonable turnaround times, they have gotten the job done when we needed it so that we were able to move forward with our projects. One of the most important aspects of our relationship with Weis Words is Emanuel Weisgras’ personal handling of matters. He is not satisfied unless the customer is satisfied. He is a the consummate professional and it is a pleasure to work with him and his team.