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Paradigm is a forensic animation studio based in Temecula, California. We virtually reconstruct an event using many methods and software suites to provide realistic animations derived from scientific data. The founders have equal part experience with expert witness consulting services and animated exhibit creation. With our skilled team of professionals, we can provide highly efficient 3D animations and presentations to support your case/project. 

With a career as a former expert witness and lead animator in the field of defect litigation prior the inception of Paradigm, our founder is keen on what it takes to provide a compelling visual and also understands the importance of corroboration and admissibility in the courtroom. This is why we focus on providing the most accurate animations possible using every tool available. We focus on communication with the client and consultants and have a tried and tested protocol for production.

Paradigm has worked on hundreds of cases including auto accident recreation, personal injury, medical, construction defect litigation, ADA compliance and much more. We work closely with our clients to gather the data needed to create compelling visual exhibits and always monitor deadlines!


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