Six Podcasts for Paralegals

Podcasts are a great way to catch up on current trends, news, and even learn new information. With so many free apps you can use to subscribe to your favorite podcasts, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts, all this great information is easily accessible. You can listen anytime – on your commute, while you are sweating it out at the gym or while you clean your house! The next time you need something to listen to and want to learn something related to your field, check out these great podcasts.

Produced by LegalTalkNetwork, The Paralegal Voice is the best podcast for current paralegals or anyone interested in the paralegal profession. Fresh content is produced at least once a month and the length is usually around 45 minutes to an hour (the perfect length for a workout session!). The show was created by Vicki Voisin, one of the most well-known paralegals in the industry, and is now hosted by Carl Morrison, a Certified Paralegal and Manager of Legal Services at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. The topics range anywhere from interview tips to job-specific skills to updates in the legal field. All of their content is relevant to today’s paralegal and they often interview leading figures in the industry. The most current episodes covered NALA’s Annual Convention in Scottsdale, AZ which took place in July.

While the show only has a few episodes out there and doesn’t appear to update regularly, the shows that are available are definitely worth listening to – they are extremely informative. For example, the latest show regarding billing procedures includes tips for keeping track of your time, effectively managing your billing routine and phrasing your billing entries to maximize profits for the firm. The podcast is informative and educational and great if you are interested in an in-depth look at different aspects of the job.

As paralegals, our written communication needs to be polished at all times so we can effectively draft and edit the legal documents we manage with on a daily basis. Grammar Girl, hosted and created by Mignon Fagarty, is an informative show providing tips on grammar, punctuation, etymology and interesting facts about words. For instance, are you curious about whether an apostrophe is appropriate following a plural noun ending in “S”? Check out Episode 713, “More Apostrophe Mayehm." The show is updated quite frequently – a few times per week – and the episodes vary in length from ten to thirty minutes. Grammar Girl is a great podcast to follow, especially if you are planning on taking the CP exam in the near future – it contains great refreshers for the communication section of the exam!

Another show produced by LegalTalkNetwork, Lawyer 2 Lawyer is tailored for lawyers but still covers information relevant to paralegals and is worth subscribing to. You’ll even get a peek into the issues your boss may deal with. There are new episodes every few weeks lasting around thirty minutes. Recent episodes include “National Disasters and Dealing with the Aftermath, “The 2020 Census Citizenship Question and Gerrymandering” and “Abortion Legislation and the Diverging States.”

If you are interested in keeping up to date on recent legal news, Opening Arguments is a great way to stay informed. Andrew Torrez and Thomas Smith host the show and produce an episode at least once a week. Recent shows include “From Gavin Grimm to Jeffrey Epstein,” “Chelsea Manning & More” and “Katy Perry & Facebook.” They publish informative show notes for each episode at which are useful to skim to help you decide whether or not that particular show will interest you.

WNYC’s "Radiolab” fans will be excited to check out the More Perfect spinoff series which discusses landmark Supreme Court decisions. While the show hasn’t been updated since December 4, 2018, there are dozens of episodes to listen to and you’ll get to learn the backstory behind some of the biggest rulings by the biggest court. Most episodes discuss an issue from a different constitutional amendment. The episodes run a little under an hour – great to keep you awake on a long drive!

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