Six Paralegal Influencers to Follow

As this generation is well aware, the internet is a great place to find communities of like-minded individuals. It's also a helpful tool for finding a mentor, someone with enough experience and knowledge to look up to and seek advice from. There are many well-educated and experienced paralegals out there and, thankfully, some of them have decided to share their experience and advice. Follow these paralegal influencers to stay up to date on current trends, gain valuable career advice and become more informed about your field.

  • Celia Elwell/The Researching Paralegal

Celia is a Registered Paralegal (by NFPA) in Oklahoma. She has been blogging since 2013 at and posts fresh content about once a month. Her blog, which has won such awards as the Top 20 Legal Writing Blog and Feedspot’s 2017 Top 25 Paralegal Blogs, is great to subscribe to. She posts interesting and informative articles on numerous topics, anywhere from current events like the Mueller Report to technology tips to updates on the paralegal profession. Some of the most entertaining parts of her blog are the “Benchslaps” - Judge’s opinions that end up crushing an attorney and usually a great example of how not to practice law. You can follow Celia by subscribing to her blog through email or any RSS feed reader.

  • Chere Estrin/The Estrin Report

Chere Estrin, CEO of the Paralegal Knowledge Institute and Estrin Legal Staffing, posts an interesting blog called “The Estrin Report” at She claims the blog was “created for professional paralegals – not of a certain level, specialty or firm – but of a particular attitude.” While there are many posts for the various legal specialties, such as Bankruptcy law, Family Law, International Law practice, etc., the majority of the posts relate to topics encountered by most paralegals on a regular basis, such as document management, electronic discovery, and job searches/interviews. You can follow Chere on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and subscribe to her blog for great tips.

  • Pamela the Paralegal

Pamela Starr is a virtual paralegal that started her own company, StarrParalegals, LLC. She has been blogging at since August 2010. She will even help you convert your paralegal skills into the virtual world and be your own boss at “Sessions with a Starr.” You can follow her sassy posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or subscribe to her RSS feed.

  • Jamie Collins/The Paralegal Society

Jamie Collins started a great blog at in July 2011. She describes the blog as “a forum created to educate, motivate and inspire paralegals to engage in the pursuit of excellence for all paralegalkind.” One of the great features of her blog is that it was created to be more of a community for paralegals so others could ask questions and seek advice and support. The website includes a section called “Help Line” for anyone with questions and also contains a section called “The Social Club.” Jamie’s writing style is extremely entertaining and always a fun read. Check out her post entitled “The ‘Rant’” for the comfort of knowing that you aren’t alone in this crazy field! You can also follow The Paralegal Society on Twitter @TPSparalegals.

  • Jenny Tucker/My Paralegal Place

My Paralegal Place ( is a community for paralegals and an informative blog with career tips as well as tips on specific job-related tasks like eDiscovery, legal research, etc. Jenny Tucker, the founder and author, is a freelance paralegal in Kansas City who is also a published writer. Recent posts include “Client Satisfaction Strategies for Paralegals,” “Paralegal Career Strategies: Is Your Paralegal Career in a Rut?” and “Paralegal Time Management: Tips for Handling that Ever-Growing Case Load.” You can follow My Paralegal Place on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook or subscribe to the blog.

  • Bryan A. Garner

While Bryan isn’t a paralegal, he is the Editor-in-Chief of Black’s Law Dictionary and the author of Garner’s Modern English Usage. In an industry that requires superior knowledge of legal writing, paralegals could really benefit from following Bryan, whether that’s on Twitter @BryanAGarner or receiving his “Garner’s Usage Tip of the Day & LawProse Lessons by email. Check out his informative website at which contains information about CLE and his consulting services. He has some great videos posted of his interviews with Supreme Court Justices. Share this one with your attorney!

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