A Helpful Guide To Finding Litigation Support Vendors

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Finding a great litigation support vendor is not an easy task. Litigation support is a highly competitive industry where things can go wrong with big consequences. Many positions at law firms and corporate legal departments are heavily reliant on the performance of litigation support vendors, so it is important to find trusted partners.

Below are some of the most important qualities you should be on the lookout for.


Plain and simple, responsiveness may be the most important qualities of a vendor. Litigation moves quickly, can keep you up late, and work you on the weekends. Having a vendor that gets back to you with answers in a timely manner makes a world of difference.

Give you updates without asking

A good vendor will proactively update a client with the status of a project, delivery, invoice, etc. This makes the life of a client substantially easier since you will not need to chase a vendor for answers, and you will always be in the position to tell your boss the status of a project you may be working on.

Aren’t afraid to say no

Within the litigation support industry, there are a lot of ‘yes’ people. This means they will say yes to any request you send their way - even ones that are impossible to fulfil. If you feel like this with your current vendor, beware. You may be overpromising and underdelivering to your client without knowing it. A good vendor will tell you if something is not possible and look for alternative solutions.

More impressed with how they handle mistakes

When the going is good, anyone can look like a rock star. When issues arise (and they will arise), this is the time when a great litigation support vendor can shine. Look for a vendor that immediately notifies you of issues and always comes with alternative solutions.

Reconfirm things in writing

Great vendors memorialize everything in writing. This is not just a CYA move, it is mostly to make sure they are 100% clear on instructions so there are no miscommunication. Good communication allows you to minimize mistakes.

Feel like they are mind readers

At times, a great litigation support vendor will feel like they are reading your mind. It is not because they are, it is because they have a wealth of experience with similar projects or situations in the past, and can anticipate issues before they happen.

Things don’t fall apart when your rep is on vacation.

A great vendor has systems and processes in place to make sure work product and service levels stay high. If your rep goes on vacation for hitting their goals, things should not fall apart in their absence. If they do, you probably just have a great rep at a bad vendor.

No surprises on bills

Last but not least, a good vendor is considerate of bills. You should never be in the position where you are surprised by a bill without a phone call from your vendor. Great vendors will give good estimates and make sure expectations are properly set with billing.


A good litigation support vendor is hard to find. If you have one, hold on to them. If you do not, we can help you find one. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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