eDiscovery Software Programs to Save Time and Expense

When the paralegal profession first began (around the 1970s), the discovery process involved the production of thousands of pages of paper that had to be redacted with a large black marker and bates numbered by hand. Today’s technology-driven world has changed the entire discovery process and now electronically stored information (ESI) is becoming the main source of data to be exchanged. While much faster than going through each piece of paper, manually reviewing large volumes of emails and other electronic documents is still a burdensome task. Consider these eDiscovery software programs to cut down on the time and expense involved.


With Logikcull you can compile all discoverable data in one place including text messages, surveillance videos, social media, GPS data, chats, etc. You can search through high-volume data with filters so all that spam email which would take hours to extract can just be eliminated. You can build a complex search or keep it simple with just keywords and you can automatically identify privileged files. Once you’ve narrowed down the documents to be reviewed, you can review, redact and flag privileged files on-the-go on any device. Collaboration is easy with the “@” symbol and producing the file is just as easy – you can either download it or send it with a secure link. Logikcull has a super secure management system and excellent customer service – they boast a response time of less than one minute!


Exterro serves some of the world’s biggest organizations with their eDiscovery software – companies like Nike, Citgo, Target, Starbucks, UnitedHealth, Visa, Oracle, Allstate, etc. Their eDiscovery platform easily integrates with the other software applications they offer, like privacy and Information Governance software. They also easily integrate with third-party applications like Gmail, Box, Office365, OneDrive and Google Drive.


The best part about Lexbe is its “Uber Index” which claims to be the most comprehensive search and index feature in the industry. It searches all native, OCR’d and translated characters as well as all metadata, which will help you find more privileged documents. The software supports over 100 languages. Lexbe’s plans are more affordable than some of the other software providers – they do not charge user fees, but have plans per GB of data.


Relativity’s goal is to help you discover the truth when it comes to eDiscovery. It only has a single platform to manage. This way you only have one audit trail and you can organize, search, analyze and visualize - basically starting and ending the process in one place. No transfers involved! You can integrate Relativity with one of 50+ apps developed by Relativity partners in their Relativity App Hub or contact one of their Relativity Partners that can work with the application to suit industry-specific needs. You can even obtain a certification in their software for more career-boosting potential. Their annual eDiscovery conference, “Relativity Fest” is a way to network, learn more about eDiscovery and keep on top of technological advancements.


DISCO is a software platform “created by Attorneys for Attorneys” so the ease of use is one of its greatest features. The performance is extremely fast, so the search times and document viewing times are near-instant even for extremely large files. DISCO has a simple “ingestion” tool for managing the incoming productions and the outgoing productions are just as easy, using the isolation and bates stamping tools. The pricing model of DISCO is easy to understand and includes the standard features in the subscription price with no extra charge.


EverLaw’s unique feature is that it uses a “predictive coding” software to learn your habits. Once you’ve reviewed 200 documents, the feature kicks in and it continues to update the more you review documents. EverLaw is also one of the best programs in terms of collaborating with other users. They also have a “blink-speed” search – no more waiting!

Cloud Nine

You can sign up for a free trial of Cloud Nine, which offers a cloud-based eDiscovery solution. The software immediately converts the data you upload into a searchable format and then you can use their advanced search and analytic features to review the documents. The production feature has the ability to create a privilege log which can be utilized at the end or at any point during the process. Cloud Nine offers a flat fee pricing model or you can pay by single use, so it might be worth it to try it out on one large project that you need to get out the door quickly.

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