Don't Blow the Blowback

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

If you work long enough at a firm, you will inevitably have to handle a print project. Most of these projects are small, but they can get large and important, especially when being prepared for depositions or trial.

Below is a check list of instructions to confirm when requesting a large blowback from a vendor.

File transfer

Will you be transferring the data over an FTP site, a CD, a binder, or hard drive? Make sure you are clear with the vendor on where the files are and how they will be receiving them.

Number of copy sets

How many copy sets will you need done? Make sure you check with the case team and/or the court to see if they have a preference. You do not want someone to be empty handed if you were required to make them a binder!

Print order

What order will the documents be printed in? Have you numbered the exhibits or files? Make sure it is clear to the vendor what order they will be printing in. Also, if you will be printed collated or uncollated.

Single-sided or double-sided

Will you want text to be on both sides of the page? Make sure you confirm, otherwise you may end up with twice the number of binders as you expected!

Black & white versus color printing

Is color needed in order to interpret the documents? Color printing is typically 5-8 times as expensive as black & white printing, so make sure you double check on whether the case team actually needs color printing. Color printing can make the price tag go up pretty quickly!


How will the documents be separated? If using tabs, will you want numbers, letters, or any type of customer text on them? Custom tabs are about twice the cost of numeric tabs, so make sure you check with the team. The last thing you want is a binder showing up with no way to reference the documents onsite.


There are many options to bind documents. Some examples are 3-ring, GBC (comb), and coil. Confirm this with the case team. If you are going with 3-ring, make sure you look to limit the size of the binders. 5-inch binders can be unmanageable if you need to flip through many different pages.

Delivery place and time

Where will the project be delivered and at what time? Will this give you time to QC? Will someone be available to receive the delivery? These are all question to have answered to make sure there is no delay in receiving the work product.


Print jobs can be very straight forward, but you do not want to make a mistake on a large or important project. Reference these instruction points when working with your vendor and make sure everything is in writing. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

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