8 Case Management Programs To Automate Your Firm

Case Management Software broken down for you below with features we like!


ProLaw is a popular program by Thomson Reuters perfect for mid-sized or larger firms. The program makes it easy to organize PDFs, word documents, emails and many other items in a customizable matter system. You can set the system up with the categories you need and sort by category or date when you need to retrieve information from a case. It also has the capability to integrate with Microsoft applications including Word and Outlook so you can send an email and save to your ProLaw matter with one click. You can also save an Adobe PDF document to the matter using a plug-in. The program is quite user-friendly.


Clio is a cloud-based case management system which contains unique features like the ability to automate client communication/emails, reminders and tasks. It also has unlimited storage capability in the cloud, so you can save those large video and PDF files in one place. You can create forms and templates with custom fields and create, save, and edit documents all through Clio – no need to open separate applications. The search feature scours the actual text of the documents so you can find that specific language with just a few keywords. A portal allows you to collaborate securely with third-parties once you grant them access. And Clio syncs easily with Outlook and other frequently used applications.


AbacusNext has everything you need in a case management software (contacts, document storage, docketing, billing, etc.) along with cloud-based capability and data encryption. They also include useful features like instant messaging, phone call manager, conflict checker, and specific solutions depending on the area of law. They integrate with Outlook and Word and several other third-party applications, like TimeSlips, Skype, PitneyBowes, etc. and they offer mobile applications for iPhone and Android so your attorney can keep track of the case on the go.

PracticePanther Legal

PracticePanther claims to be the highest-rated legal software online with stellar customer support. The program has an intake form generator which is useful for plaintiff firms. Billing is easy – you keep track of your time, bill and receive payments all through the system. You can assign tasks to specific people and keep track of when they are due. It also has a secure client portal as well as a trust account and report generator. Similar to the other software options, it also features mobile apps and integrates with third party applications. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no reason not to give them a try.


MyCase serves thousands of customers over practically every area of law so they boast a proven track record of success. The features are pretty standard – contacts, documents, billing and calendars. A neat and unique feature of this program is that clients can see the calendar events that correspond to their case so they are more aware of upcoming deadlines and can participate in their case more easily. They can also pay their bills online. MyCase also has a “Lead Status Board” which helps you track potential clients. They even offer professional website design, making it a great choice for a solo practitioner.


FileVine’s defining features are its customizability and collaboration. You can customize special features, task flows, teams, and collaborate easily with your coworkers. It offers collaboration with independent contractors, so it’s a useful software for a solo practitioner who may be hiring out paralegal help to independent contractors. Their analytics are very useful with data compiled in easy to read charts.


Needles has a few features that aren’t typically seen in other standard programs. For instance, they offer preset checklists that are customizable and collaborative. They have a "Today” screen for your daily tasks and deadlines. Needles offers the ability to merge client data into preset forms, saving you time. The “Mass Update” feature allows you to update multiple cases at once.

Trial Works

Trial Works claims to have the most features of any legal case management platform. It was built on a Microsoft platform and founded by trial lawyers who know what a good case management system needs. In addition to the standard features, it offers statute of limitations tracking, SMS messaging with clients, detailed reporting capabilities, a simple tab-formatted interface, trial notebook and access to a Trial Works marketplace. It even offers negotiations tracking for settlements. Trial Works seems to be the best choice for a litigation-heavy practice.

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